About Us

Inspire Young People is a charity which was set up in 2015 and which organises events and competitions that challenge young people to realise their full potential; that are designed to test skills that are relevant to working in their area of study; that are co-designed with business experts to develop the skills that employers are looking for; and which create awareness of the opportunities available within their chosen sector.

Inspire uses role models as a motivating force. We are extremely fortunate in having the support of people who have come from modest backgrounds and have reached the top of their chosen professions through hard work, determination and a love for what they do. Our role models are heavily involved in their challenges, having been involved in the initial design, and leading the judging panels and attending the final events.

Mark Webber

Errol Douglas MBE

Ashley Palmer-Watts

Through them, students learn the importance of tenacity and resilience – not giving up when faced with set-backs and challenges. Students experience the joys (and challenges!) of working in a team; working to deadlines; working under realistic professional conditions etc. Our aim is to help young people to realise their potential, and to Inspire them to maximise it.

Another aim of the challenges is to make students aware of the vast range of career options open to them. Alongside our role models, we also work with businesses who support and sponsor the events in a variety of ways. Their input is invaluable in opening the eyes of young people to a wide range of possibilities that they may not have considered.

For example – a hairdressing qualification can lead to a role in a local salon, which will be the preferred option for some. However, it could also be the beginning of a climb to the upper echelons of the profession, by entering competitions and striving to work for a leading salon; it could lead to working in product development for a company such as Schwarzkopf; it could start someone on the road to becoming a stylist for photoshoots and film and TV work.

We at Inspire are always looking for new competitions to establish; new role models and patrons; new colleges to take part and new companies to work this us and support our challenges. If you would like to know more about becoming involved, please contact us.