Errol Douglas MBE

Errol Douglas MBE

“Hairdressing chose me from a very young age, it’s a vocation!”

Hairstylist Errol Douglas is among the cream of the hairdressing industry and a favourite among clients and industry peers alike. Renowned for his stunning photographic, session and event work, Errol has won several of the world’s most coveted awards, including most recently the “2015 Ambassador of London” award at the London Lifestyle Awards.

Errol has over 30 years’ experience in hairdressing, and was awarded an MBE in 2008 for his unprecedented skills and his unrivalled education and services for inspiring young hairdressers.

Highly esteemed by his peers, Errol is globally recognised for his fashion-forward collections and photographic work, with numerous prestigious awards. His international work allows him to travel the globe, providing ample inspiration to develop new styles and techniques allowing himself to be at the forefront of key hair trends.

Ambassador for the Fellowship of British Hairdressing, Errol mentors and nurtures young talent sharing his wealth of experience and his remarkable ability to create timeless looks and creations.

His hairstyling skills set the standards that others follow, while his collections preview hot new trends fused with classic styling – no surprise given that he first realised his dream of working in hairdressing when he was just eleven years old, taking a job in a local hair salon in East London.

In 1998 Errol launched Errol Douglas London, a luxury global destination salon in the heart of Knightsbridge. Attracting a discerning clientele of successful men and women, it’s widely recognised as a salon equipped to create stunning styles for all hair types, with a talented team of stylists and colourists at the forefront of modern hairdressing and innovative treatments.